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Trials and Temptations - Faith/Works
Rusty  Akers
Rusty Akers
Sunday, October 4, 2020
Scripture and Notes
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James 1:12-18 Trails and Temptaions

In what ways to you put your confidence in our wealth and possessions?

How does poverty or wealth affect your understanding of God?

What is the result of succumbing to temptations? God promises the crown of life to those that endure. How can we recognize that we are being tempted in order to avoid succumbing to it?

James focuses on the true nature of God, and warns us not to be deceived by wrong ideas. 

How is God described by James. The questions James raises is.
What is going to last? What is permanent?

How can this word of God protect us in times of trials, and temptation?