Seating is limited, so please plan on arrivng a little before the service begins.
Please do your best to keep your distance from anyone not in your family.  Refrain from hand shakes, high fives, and hugs. 
Masks are strongly suggested for everone 2 years old and above. Please wear a mask when entering and leaving the church. The use of a face mask is a sign of our desire to do our part in helping to prevent others from potential contagion.
Households are encouraged to sit together and at least six feet from other families. Social distancing will be encouraged inside and outside of the building.
Those in the vulnerable classification are strongly urged to remain at home.
Vulnerable classification is considered as follows:
· The elderly 65 years old and above.
· Those who are taking care of the elderly, or who live with someone with a compromised immune system.
· Those who have an inherent risk or chronic health conditions, regardless of age.
Persons displaying the following signs are asked not to enter the building:
· A cough (defined as new onset of cough within previous 14 days)
· Fever over 100.4°F
· Shortness of breath
· Contact with someone with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 within the past 14 days with no test.
· A household member with respiratory or fever symptoms
There is an inherent risk, regardless of age or health, in attending any public event. This includes religious services. While we are working to reduce the risk, there are no risk-free situations. This will be posted on signs at the front of the church.
A person’s presence at a public event (including church) constitutes his or her understanding and acceptance of this essential level of risk. Our governing board, and local church assume no liability in the exposure or spread of Covid-19. Parishioners who enter our church assume all inherent risks related to Coronavirus exposure.