"At Community of Hope we value the next generation as much as we do the current. We know that that it is not just about the future, is also about the current spirutal life of all people.  Our desire is  to walk with families and children together. 

Simply put, NextGen is a ministry to multiple age groups who are the next generation. It involves a strategic plan for young people from cradle to college, with clear objectives for each age. NextGen ministry encourages mixed-age activities, relationships, and family involvement. We also believe young people should take active roles in the local church."

Sunday morning we provide age appropriate classes for children and students.
Nursery - K
1st - 5th Grade
6th - 12th Students

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If you have any questions about our NextGen please email Chris Leon, our NextGen pastor: pcleon225@gmail.com or text 520-213-6280