Answers to often asked questions

What denomination do we belong to? We are associated with the Church of God out of Anderson Indiana. We are not officially a denomination; we call ourselves a movement.

What is a service like? We are very casual, medium in size, and love community.  We sing some songs, we sometimes watch a video, we listen to the pastor, and we usual end with communion.  We like to think we are pretty laid back in style.

What about my kids? We love families and kids.  We have classes for children from newborn all the way to 12th grade.  We separate them out by age group. Preschool has their own area, as well as elementary, and middle and high school.  We have secure check in for all children each week.  If you would like to take your children with you into the adult service, we are fine with that as well.  Although, we promise they will enjoy our children’s area much more.

What do I wear?  Some people are in flip flops and T-shirts, including our staff some Sundays. Others are more formal.  We do not believe that we need to dress up to worship. So, come in whatever makes you comfortable.

How can I get connected? We offer a few different ways.
You can start with pizza with the pastors. It is a lunch with our staff that we offer several times a year. It is a way for you to meet us, ask some questions, and have lunch on us.

If you want to continue your journey with us, we also offer a Discover class. This is an hour or so that goes deeper into who we are, what we believe, and some next steps for you to take.  We do this on Sunday after our late service and provide lunch as well.

If you have any questions, or would like more information please contact us.

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