We do not have formal membership at Community of Hope. We believe that if you have made a decision to follow Jesus, been baptized by immersion, and call us your home church, you are a member.  

Community of Hope exists to:
Connect people to the Hope of Jesus Christ.                                                     
Engage people in Spiritual Community.                                                      
people to be Disciples and live on Mission.  

We believe this is done best in a redemptive, forward moving, community, called The Church.  
We believe that our faith is a journey, and this journey is best lived out in the context of  community called the Church.
We believe Church should be fun, that when we give, go, serve, and love, this leads us the best life possible.   
We believe that coming together to worship Jesus keeps us connected to the One True King, Jesus Christ,  Worship also brings us together with others,  to accomplish His mission on earth.

Community of Hope Church is committed to you, and to that mission.  

Next steps: Attend our next Starting Point Lunch where you can find out more about becoming a part of our community. 

If you would like to connect and get next steps, send us a text to 833-560-6798
Or, drop us an email info@cohmaricopa.com