We do not have formal membership at Community of Hope. We beleive that if you have made a decision follow Jesus, been baptized by immersion, and call us your home church, you are a member. 

Community of Hope exists to:
Connect people to the Hope of Jesus Christ.                                                     
Engage people in Spiritual Community.                                                      
people in the Way of Jesus.  

We believe this is done best in a redemptive, forward moving, “Community” called Church.   We believe church is family –   God calls us to be one family with him and with each other to accomplish his mission on this earth.

Community of Hope Church is committed to you, and to that mission.  

As a part of the family at Community of Hope our desire is that we can help each other find freedom in Christ through FAITH, LOVE & HOPE.      

(Upwards toward God) Faith Worship regularly at COH. Make a decsion to follow Jesus as your Lord and Savior. Engage in Water Baptism as an adult. Develop spiritual disciplines. [Reading scripture, Prayer, Contemplation and Giving]

(Inward towards each other) Love Join a Community Group and attend regularly. Continue to foster relationships with others at COH and in your local community. Engage your neighborhood and your community. e.

(Outwards to others) Hope Serve at Community of Hope on Sunday mornings regularly.            Get involved with COH outreach events. Christmas, Easter, and other events.  Get involved with your HOA, the Chamber of Commerce, local sports teams, serve your own family, serve at a mission opportunity. Love people for who they are.

Next steps: Attend our Next Newcomer's Lunch.  [Pizza with the pastors] 

Fill out an online connection card and let us know you are interested?  Online connection card